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English Meeting Club @ Badilag

Badilag holds an English Discussion regularly. This program is called ‘English Meeting Club (EMC)’. The discussion of the meeting focuses on a range of interesting issues such as on law, justice, and the recent development of Religious Courts in Indonesia.

The objective of this program is to maintain and foster the quality of human resources of Religious Courts particularly on law and legal matters in addition to knowledge of providing excellent services to public.

This English discussion is also aimed to accommodate those in Religious Courts who are interested in improving their English skills. It is for this reason that Badilag always tries to present English native speakers in every discussion.

The presence of Native English speakers, especially who are much involved in Indonesian judiciary, has proved to encourage and motivate the participants to improve their English skills. And it is also very interesting to know what ‘foreigners’ see and think about the existence and the development of Indonesian Religious Courts.

Badilag has conducted English discussion several times:

v September 29, 2009 (Pertama)

Keynote Speaker : Wahyu Widiana (Director General of Badilag)

Topic : Religious Court’s Position in Indonesian Legal System and Its Challenges under One-roof System.

v October 27, 2009 (Kedua)

Session I:

Keynote Speaker : David Sabin Anderson (Chief Party, In-ACCE)

Topic : Court Excellence

Session II :

Keynote Speaker : Yasardin (Chief Judge of Depok Religious Court); Alia Alhasna (Discussant I) and Chazim Maksalina (Discussant II)

Topic : Court Excellence

v December 7, 2009 (Ketiga)

Session I :

Keynote Speaker : Achmad Cholil (Judge at Pandeglang Religious Court)

Topic : Initiating ‘Wali Adhal’ as a Contentious Case

Session II :

Keynote Speakers : Leisha Lister (Executive Adviser to the CEO of the FCoA) and Cate Sumner (Lead Adviser of IA-LDF)

Topic : Excellence in Client Service Delivery

v February 2, 2010 (Keempat)

Session I :

Keynote Speaker : Salman (Judge Candidate at Cilegon Religious Court)

Topic : Implementing 'free-cost' for Divorce Case in Religious Court

Session II :

Keynote Speaker : Nenad Bago (Senior Legal Adviser of AIPJT)

Topic : Access to Justice

v April 1, 2010 (Kelima)

Session I :

Keynote Speaker  : Prof. Mark Cammack (Southwestern School of Law, Los Angeles, USA)

Topic : Recent Divorce Trends in Indonesia

Session II :

Keynote Speaker : Shofa'u Qalbi (Judge Candidate at East Jakarta Religious Court)

Topic  : Questioning Letter of Permission for Civil Servants in Divorce Case

v June 28, 2010 (Keenam)

Session I :

Keynote Speaker  : Rahmat Arijaya (Judge at Sekayu Religious Court, Palembang)

Topic : Access to Justice for Women: The Role of the Religious Courts

Session II :

Official visit to the Library of Congress, Jakarta

v December 21, 2010 (Ketujuh)

Session I :

Keynote Speaker  : Niklas Enander (GRM International)

Topic : Political Party and Parliamentary Strengthening

Session II :

Book Discussion: "Courting Reform: Indonesia's Islamic Courts and Justice for the Poor (Cate Sumner & Tim LIndsey)"

The discussion was led by Mohammad Noor (Judge at RC Painan) and Salman (Jugde at RC Gunungsugih), and moderated by Edi Hudiata (Judge Candidate at RC Tangerang)

v April 14, 2011 (Kedelapan)

Session I:

Keynote Speaker: Markus B Zimmer

Topic : The Challenge of Crafting Accessible and Sustainable Justice System

Session II:

Visit to the Religious Court of North Jakarta



v January 13, 2012 (Kesembilan)

Session I :

Keynote Speaker  : The Hon. Syamsul Ma'arif, S.H., L.L.M., Ph.D (Justice of the Supreme Court)

Topic : Access to Justice

Keynote Speaker : Nicola Colbran (Program Director of Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice - AIPJ)

Topic : Access to Justice for People with Disability

Session II :

VVisit to World Bank and discussion on access to justice for the poor.


The discussions were attended by participants consisting of officials at Badilag, high judges, chief judges, judges and candidate judges all over Indonesia.



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