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Badilag, Sharia and Law Faculty UIN Jakarta Strengthen Cooperation

Students of Sharia and Law Faculty UIN Jakarta participating in the mediation short training.

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Faculty of Sharia and Law Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta held a Technical Guidance of Mediation for prospective graduates. The program held over three days from 27-29 September 2016, was conducted in collaboration with the Directorate General of the Religious Courts (Badilag) under the auspices of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Director General of Badilag and the Dean of Sharia and Law Faculty few months ago.

"Working closely with the campus like the Faculty of Sharia and Law UIN Jakarta needs to be strengthened because we also need support from the academic world," said Director of Technical Staff Badilag, Dr. H. M. Fauzan, SH, M.M., M.H., after opening the Mediation Short Training.

The short training which was attended by more than 200 students are intended to support the additional competence for the prospective graduates who will hold Law Degree (Sarjana Hukum/SH).

"This event will be made as one of the competencies for the prospective graduates who will be inaugurated in November this year," said Dr. Yayan Sopyan, SH, M.H., Vice Dean for Students, Alumni and Cooperation.

| Achmad Cholil |

Chief Justice Inaugurates Three New Justices

Left to right: The Hon. Panji Widagdo, the Hon. Ibrahim, and the Hon. Edi Riadi

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Chief Justice the Hon. Hatta Ali inaugurates three new justices on Friday, 30 September 2016 at the Supreme Court building Jakarta.

The new elected justices are Dr. H. Edi Riadi, S.H., M.H., for the Religious Court Chamber, Dr. Ibrahim, S.H., M.H., LL.M and H. Panji Widagdo, S.H., M.H., both for the Civil Chamber.

Prior to the his selection as justice, the Hon. Edi Riadi was the Vice Chief Judge of Jakarta Religious High Court, the Hon. Panji Widagdo was Vice Chief Judge of Mataram High Court while the Hon. Ibrahim a former Commissioner of the Judicial Commission.

| Achmad Cholil |

DG Badilag Innaugurates 11 New Officials

Jakarta | badilag.net/english

Director General of the Religious Courts (Badilag), Drs. H. Abdul Manaf, M.H., inaugurated 11 new officials consisting of two echelon III and nine echelon IV. The inauguration took place on Friday (2/9/2016) on the 12th floor of the Secretariat Building of the Supreme Court, Ahmad Yani Street Kav. 58 Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta.

In his welcoming speech, DG Badilag expressed his high hope to the newly appointed officials to show their high standard of performance since Badilag should be a model for all religious courts both at first instance and appellate level all over Indonesia.

“I do hope that all officials within Badilag have the same comprehension on how to implement reforms as mandated by the Blueprint 2010-2035 of the Supreme Court,” he said.

|Achmad Cholil|

Dr. H. Edi Riadi, A New Justice at Religious Courts Chamber

Jakarta | badilag.net/english (5/9/2016)

Commission III of the House of Representatives finally approved Dr. H. Edi Riadi, SH., MH., as a nominee for justice at the Religious Courts Chamber in the Supreme Court. The decision was taken at the Plenary Meeting of the Commission on Tuesday (30/8/2016) after the stage of fit and proper test was held a day before.

Edi Riadi along with two other approved nominees, Dr. Ibrahim and Panji Widigdo who will be assigned at the Civil Chamber, will be soon officially endorsed by the plenary meeting of the House of the.

Edi Riadi who is now still serving as Vice Chief Judge of the Jakarta Religious High Court is known for his intelligence, open-mindedness and innovation in carrying out judicial transparency.

|Achmad Cholil. Photo: Detikcom|

Newest Edition of the Religious Court Magazine

Jakarta | Badilag.net/English

Directorate General of the Religious Courts at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia (Badilag) has launched the newest edition of Majalah Peradilan Agama early this month.

This 9th edition of the magazine discusses the theme of Protection of Children’s Rights in Indonesia’s Religious Courts which is reported in four in-depth sections. The magazine also contains the most current issues happening within the Religious Courts.

Badilag started to publicize an institutional quarterly magazine in 2013 and has produced nine editions so far. Anyone can freely get the digital version of the magazine through this link.

|Achmad Cholil|

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