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Court Decision Publication and Judicial Reform Based on Electronic Court and Its Implication to Public Trust in Indonesia badilag 636
E-Court and E-Litigation: The New Face of Civil Court Practices in Indonesia [06/05/2020] badilag 599
Islamic Courts and Women’s Divorce Rights in Indonesia Achmad Cholil 887
Democracy, Human Rights, and Islamic Family Law in Post-Soeharto Indonesia Achmad Cholil 787
Reinterpret Polygamy in Islam: A Case Study in Indonesia Achmad Cholil 957
Shari’a and Regional Governance in Indonesia: A Study of Four Provinces Achmad Cholil 1085
Minding the Court: Enhancing the Decision-Making Process Achmad Cholil 943
Islamic Inheritance Law, Son Preference and Fertility Behavior of Muslim Couples in Indonesia Achmad Cholil 1125
To Judge or Not to Judge: A Comparative Analysis of Islamic Jurisprudential Approaches to Female Judges in the Muslim World (Indonesia, Egypt and Iran) Achmad Cholil 1435
Religious Court Magazine Achmad Cholil 2326
Muslim Marriage Registration in Indonesia: Revised Marriage Registration Laws Cannot Overcome Compliance Flaws (12/02/2013) Rahmat Arijaya 1218
Judges: State officials or public servants? (20/04/2012) Rahmat Arijaya 1177
Executive Summary Annual Report 2011 Rahmat Arijaya 1054
International Journal For Court Administration Rahmat Arijaya 955
ndonesia's 1989 Religious Judicature Act: Islamization of Indonesia or Indonesianization of Islam? Rahmat Arijaya 975
RELIGIOUS COURT REFORM IN INDONESIA by Drs.H.Wahyu Widiana, MA Rahmat Arijaya 1159
Synopsis of Dissertation of the Honorable Dr.H. Andi Sjmasu Alam, SH,MH Rahmat Arijaya 1102
An Assessment of Court Websites 2010 (NLRP) Achmad Cholil 1164
Shariah Economic in Indonesia (Andi Syamsu Alam) | (24/03) 1262
Access to Justice for The Poor : Badilag Experience (Wahyu Widiana) 1200
What If Sharia Weren't the Enemy? Rethinking International Women's Rights Advocacy on Islamic Law (Asifa Quraishi) Achmad Cholil 1354
Political Party and Parliamentary Strengthening (Niklas Enander, GRM International) Achmad Cholil 965
Courting Reform: Indonesia's Islamic Courts and Justice for the Poor (Cate Sumner and Tim Lindsey) Achmad Cholil 2907
Providing Justice to the Justice Seeker: A Report on the Access and Equity Study in the Indonesian General and Religious Courts 2007-2009 (Cate Sumner) Achmad Cholil 2859
Profile of Religious Court 2010 Achmad Cholil 1275
Circuit Court : Access to Justice for All (the Movie) Achmad Cholil 1616
Provision of Court Information to the Public (Dr. Harifin A. Tumpa, SH, MH) Achmad Cholil 1183
Plurality of marriage law and marriage registration for Muslims in Indonesia: a plea for pragmatism (Adriaan Bedner & Stijn Van Huis) Achmad Cholil 1546
Court Innovation and Technology (Anne Wallace, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Canberra) Achmad Cholil 793

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