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Badilag together with the Supreme Court Education and Training Center Discuss the Education and Training Curriculum of Development of Religious Courts in 2020-2021

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In order to increase the capacity of judicial technical personnel continuously, the Supreme Court Education and Training Agency has compiled curriculum development for technical personnel in all judicial branches, including in the religious court for 2020-2021.

In the context of strengthening the education and training curriculum, the selection of speakers, the selection of participants and the mechanism for implementing the training and also related to the latest issues and developments in the religious court, Dr. Uyun Kamiluddin, S.H., M.H. and Dr. Suhadak, S.H., M.H. from the Supreme Court Education and Training Center visit Badilag to discuss the draft of curriculum.

Welcomed directly by the Director-General of Badilag, Dr. Drs. Aco Nur, S.H., M.H., accompanied by Director of Religious Court Judicial Staff Development, Dr. Candra Boy Seroza, S.Ag., M.Ag. and Head of Sub Directorate of Religious Court Judicial Staff Development, Daud El Wadud, S.H., M.H. discuss together and give suggestions on existing drafts.

The education and training program organized by the Supreme Court Education and Training Center is generally divided into two, the Certification Training and Functional Technical Training. For Certification Training, activities are held for 6 programs, Mediator Certification, Sharia Economic Certification, Child Justice Certification, Marriage Dispensation Certification, Waqf Certification (Ziswaf) and Sharia Business Commerce Certification.

Whereas for Functional Technical Training and Education, there will be a Continuing Judicial Education (CJE) Training, Training for Decision of Appellate Judge, Training for Electronic Evidence, Training for Women's Access to Justice, Information Openness Training, Jinayat/Islamic Criminal Case Training, Training for Court Public Relation, Training for Simple Lawsuit. , Training of Registrar / Substitutes Registrar of First Level, Training of Young Registrar of First Level and Appeal, Training of Bailiffs, Training of Integrated Hearing, Trial outside the court building, Prodeo, and Legal Aid Post.

Continuing Judicial Education (CJE)

From all the programs discussed, Dirjen Badilag paid high attention to the implementation of the Continuing Judges Training. After more than 6 years CJE has never been implemented by the Supreme Court Training Center, this year and the next years, this program will be held again.

Dirjen Badilag stressed the importance of improving the quality and capacity of judges in carrying out their main duties and functions. "Judges are officials who carry out the duties of the Judiciary, the main task of the judge is to accept, examine, and decide also resolve all cases submitted to him, the judge must help justice seekers and try hard to overcome the obstacles in order to create a simple, fast and low-cost trial, therefore judges are required to be professional and always improve knowledge both in the material law also procedural law," he said.

The program aims to improve the basic competencies of religious court judges to be able to understand electronic case administration, electronic case registers (SIPP/Case Tracking System), e-court and e-litigation procedures, procedural law issues, mediation and compromise, effective witness examination skills in court proceedings, procedures for examination and evidentiary in a trial by analyzing various reasons, discovering the facts of the incident and applying the law, as well as understanding and possessing skills in preparing the decisions properly. (ak)

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