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Chief Justice Leads the Retirement Ceremony of Chief Judge of PTA Kendari


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Chief Justice of Supreme Court, the Hon. Justice H. M. Syarifuddin, accompanied by the Chairperson of Religious Chamber the Hon. Justice Amran Suadi and Director-General of Badilag Dr. Drs. H. Aco Nur., S.H., M.H. presided over the graduation ceremony of the Chief Judge of the Kendari Religious High Court the Hon. Justice Muslimin Simar Thursday (7/23). The event that took place in the Supreme Court Room was conducted virtually considering the co-19 pandemic situation.

The Hon. Justice HM Syarifuddin in his remarks said, for the third time, the retirement graduation procession of the chief judge of the appellate court was carried out online through a virtual media device. Digital transformation in this kind of activity is important in order to comply with and implement the COVID-19 prevention protocol, which one of its manifestations is by limiting official travel outside the region in order to maintain safety and health together. "I hope that the sanctity of this procession will not diminish in the slightest, and we can all follow it solemnly," He said.

Furthermore, He said that the graduation program was a very monumental event and had historical value for H. Muslimin Simar. After approximately 4 years of carrying out his duties and mandate as Chairman of the Kendari Religious High Court, today H. Muslimin Simar arrived in the final phase of his service life safely.

Retirement graduation is essential procession to reward the dedication of a chief judge of the appealte court in carrying out his duties as the vanguard of the Supreme Court, because its role is very strategic, especially in the supervision and guidance of Judges and Judicial Apparatuses under the Supreme Court in his area of ​​duty.

Moreover, according to him, this ceremony is not just a moment to end his term of office as Chief Judge of the Kendari Religious High Court, but more than that as the culmination of perfection in carrying out the mandate as a Judge. "The High Judge with the position of Chief Judge of the appeallate court is the highest career for a Judge at the judex factie level. And the peak of that career has been achieved by H. Muslimin Simar as Chief Judge of the Kendari Religious High Court " he said.

H. Muslimin Simar has dedicated more than half of his live to the judiciary. His career for forty years in the judiciary, both as an employee, judge and leader in eastern Indonesia is a testament to sincere service and loyalty for the nation and state. "This is the principle that is actually instructed to all of us in working as well as the commands that we can find in AI-Qur'an Surah At-Taubah Verse 105 which means: “Work you, then Allah and His Messenger and the believers will see that work, and you will be returned to Allah Who Knows the unseen and the real, then He tells you what you have done, "said the Hon. Justice HM Syarifuddin

He hopes the success that has been demonstrated by H. Muslimin Simar, both in terms of performance, integrity, professionalism, and leadership, may be an example for other judges, especially religious court judges who are currently entrusted with the task of leading court work units.

At the end of his remarks the Chief Justice thanked to. H. Muslimin Simar. "Thirty-eight years was a long time in pursuing his career as a judge. Starting from today the big family has enjoyed being together with him. For that, on behalf of both the person and the institution of the Supreme Court, I express my gratitude and appreciation for the devotion that is quite long and contributes to the progress achieved especially in each assignment, "he concluded. (ahb)

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