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The Coordination Meeting of the Directorate General of Religious Courts (Badilag) in 2021 took theme "Religious Courts Towards a World Class Bureaucracyā€¯. One of the first steps to realizing this goal is to prepare human resources, the Directorate General of Religious Courts caried out the International Standard Judicial Administration Guidance (integrated Quality Assurance Accreditation program) which is held for 3 days online (virtual) from 16 to 18 March 2021.

Dr. Aco Nur, S.H., M.H., Directore General of Religious Courts said that the first background that underlies the implementation of this activity is that the current APM Advisors and Assessors are those who were recruited in the 2017 - 2018 period with material focus on management quality that adopts the ISO 9001-2015 standard, while currently there are many other issues that must be taken into account, including the issue of Anti-Bribery management which already has international standards, namely ISO 37001-2016, including demands for Bureaucratic Reform / Integrity Zone, so that understanding and knowledge needs to be adjusted.

The need for a supervisor for the implementation of quality assurance accreditation in each region is very much needed, given the very wide area coverage, besides the promotion and transfer of officials in the religious courts is quite high, so that in some areas there is a shortage of supervisors and assessors and the continuity of the implementation of APM in the satker is still far away. 

The aim of this technical guidance is to increase the knowledge and understanding of APM assessors about International Standard Judicial Management, increase the number of APM Assessors, and add Supervisors (Quality Assurance Accreditation Trainer) within the Religious Courts.

This activity was attended by participants of assessors and prospective assessors / advisors including Judges of Religious High Court, Judges of Religious Courts, Registrars and Secretaries. 

Dr. Drs H. Aco Nur, SH, MH officially opened the technical guidance / Training for Quality and International Standard Judicial Administration (Quality Assurance Accreditation) in 2021. In his remarks, the Director General of Badilag expressed his gratitude to the speaker Mr. Ainun Najib, where this activity forms human resources who will become organizational evaluators who evaluate the development and programs of our organization called assessors. 

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