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Badilag Uses E-Test to Select Judges for Syariah Economic Cases

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Badilag successfully held an electronic test (E-test) for selecting judges in the religious courts to be used as training participants sharia economy on Friday, July 22, 2016. This was done following the enactment of the Supreme Court’s Regulation (PERMA) No. 5 of 2016 which states that the syariah economic cases should be handled by judges who have been certified.

The E-test is not the first time held by Badilag. A few months earlier, Badilag also held an online test for selecting candidates for the leaderships at the first instance courts and appellate courts.

"E-Test is definitely a breakthrough in efforts to open up opportunity as wide as possible for all judges to healthily compete in order to improve their competence and to enhance their careers," said Director General of Badilag, Drs. H. Abdul Manaf, M.H.

The E-test results were announced on Tuesday, July 22, 2016 and has successfully chosen 40 high court judges and 80 first instance judges of a total of 824 judges participating in the e-test.

The 120 participants will attend certification training and education for syariah economic cases which will be organized by the Centre for Education and Training of the Supreme Court in August 2016.

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Syarifuddin Sworn in as New Vice Chief Justice for Judicial Affairs

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Newly-elected Vice Chief Justice for Judicial Affairs, Dr. H. M. Syarifuddin, S.H., M.H., has been formally signed in to the role after he was sworn in and inaugurated by President Joko Widodo at the State Palace, Tuesday (3/5/2016).

Syarifuddin garnered 28 votes out of 46 justices in an election ceremony at the Indonesia’s Supreme Court building on 14 April 2016. He replaces his predecessor, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Saleh, S.H., M.H., who has retired on 1 May 2016. Syarifuddin will hold the position for the next five years as stipulated by the existing regulation.

(Achmad Cholil. Photo: presidenri.go.id)

Supreme Court  Wants to Establish 52 New RC

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The Supreme Court wants to establish new courts in areas which are experiencing expansion.

The Supreme Court Secretary  Nurhadi said, the courts will be established by SC includes courts of first instance and appeal.

"Insya Allah, in the areas of expansion, we will establish 82 courts of first instance and 10 courts of appeals," said Secretary of the Supreme Court, when giving a briefing on Badilag coordination meeting in Bandung, Friday (29/01/2016).

Badilag Coordination Meeting 2016 Nuanced National work Meeting

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Coordination meeting in 2016, which is organized by Directorate General of Religious Courts seem like a national work meeting which is organized by Supreme Court every year.

nuance of national work meeting is tasted not only in a large number of participants but also from a series of events and output

Directorate General organizing coordination meeting and work meeting in marathon way in Bandung for four days, Tuesday – Friday (26-29/1/2016)

The work meeting attended by officials and Badilag employees . Total number of participants are 52 . In addition to guidance from Secretary of the Directorate General Badilag, this meeting also hold a training and discussion related to ISO 9001: 2015.


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11 RC funded by Directorate General to implement a quality management system during 2015, not gained any major findings. Indeed there are minor findings, but even then only in two RC. As a result, the entire RC are declared entitled to obtain ISO certification 9001: 2008.

11th RC are RC of Binjai (HRC of Medan), RC of Kayuagung (HRC of Palembang), RC of Pekanbaru (HRC of Pekanbaru), RC of North Jakarta (HRC of Jakarta), RC of Karawang (HRC of Bandung), RC of Purbalingga (HRC of Semarang), RC of Yogyakarta (HRC of Yogyakarta), RC of Surabaya (HRC of Surabaya ), RC of Amuntai (HRC of Banjarmasin), RC of Sungguminasa (HRC of Makassar), and RC of Mataram (HRC of Mataram ).

"Alhamdulillah, 11 RC achieve ISO. Every RC has implemented a quality management system and obtained satisfactory results. There are only two minor findings, "said Secretary of the Directorate General Badilag H. Tukiran, SH, MM in RC of Purwokerto, Wednesday (30/12/2015).


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